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Hi! My name is Dawn Berens and I am the owner of Stylin Doggy, Mobile Grooming. Let me start off by telling you that I am a true animal lover as you will find out when we meet. I got into the pet business because of my deep love for animals. I have been a certified pet groomer for 20+ years. I also work closely with a lot of rescue groups. A portion of the profits go to the care and rescue of animals.I am certified in animal first aid and CPR and have extensive experience handling animals. On a personal note, I am a proud mom of two beautiful daughters that share in my passion and love for animals. I look forward to meeting you and your furry babies.

Come and check out our Grooming Salon!

About the Sprinter Grooming Van

Our Salon is a roomy Mercedes Sprinter Van.  We are 100% self contained but do sometimes temporarily require the use of electrical hook ups.  We are equipped with a jetted Super Sudsor Hydro bath tub. Hydraulic grooming table, high velocity turbo dryers, 65 gallon water tank and much more. We guarantee that you and your pet will feel safe and comfortable with or clean, relaxing, state of art salon, during your appointment. Feel free to come and check out our salon.


Look for our exciting blog, coming soon!

Why Rescue?

Please consider adopting a shelter pet today!.

Pet Hygiene

A clean pet is a healthy pet!


The importance of spay/Nueter

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